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Trusted local experience versus the impersonal big box store.
You’ve been planning a remodel, and now it’s time to start making some choices. Once you’ve decided on the type of new floor you’d like, you begin searching for the best deal on the highest quality product within your budget.

A common misperception is that the best deal can only be found at the all-in-one big box store down by the freeway; often the nationally recognized name and warehouse appearance give the illusion of economy of scale. However, sometimes this allure isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We put quality first
Many buyers don’t know to ask if the product they are purchasing is FIRST QUALITY or SECOND QUALITY. Second Quality is a designation indicating a product has not lived up to the manufacturer’s specified standards. Many times this can mean a variation from the intended color, thickness, or even worse, quality of backing. Chances are your “first-rate deal” from the big box store is Second Quality.

Seguin Floors only sells First Quality products.

The apron does not make the expert
We don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades. We know floors. That’s what we’re best at. The sales representative at the everything-house supply store is likely armed with a crash-course knowledge that enables them to answer only the most basic questions. Your home is unique, and you deserve more than an off-the-shelf answer to each of your custom questions.

A proven track record
We don’t carry the most expensive flooring, like you might find in some pricey, big-city boutique. But we don’t carry cheap-quality products either. We offer a wide range of high-quality, popular products that have a proven track record of both longevity and economy.

Our good reputation is something that we have worked for over 30 years to build, serving Seguin and the surrounding area. It is that kind of experience that allows us to recognize potential problems before they arise and properly handle unexpected issues that can challenge any flooring installation.

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If you are ready to upgrade the quality of your home or business with a new floor, with a professional installation that you can count on the first time, call on Seguin Floors.