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Lonnie Hastings
Bernice Hastings

A new floor goes a long way in beautifying your home, but it’s those finishing details once the furniture is moved back in that can really make a difference.

Transforming interiors into living spaces that feel warm and welcoming has been a passion of Bernice’s for decades. Below, she shares some of her unique tips and tricks that she has collected through the years.

Great decorating doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Here is an example of what you can achieve by keeping your eyes open for unique finds at your local Thrift Store -- fancy candle holders made from old lamp stands.

Give your Christmas village a scenic, winter terrain with a white sheet and some well-placed books underneath. Also, create miniature, manicured shrubs and evergreens by painting your pine cones green.

Wondering what to do with all those antique bottles (or any other collectables) sitting around your house? Group your collections together for greater visual impact, instead of scattering them throughout the room.

Is your library dull? Make it cozy by using your books as decorating objects. Stack and place them in different positions to break up the monotony. Also, place some of your favorite objects here and there to add visual appeal.

Get those old suitcases out of the attic. Stack them on a coffee table to create an interesting space out of what once was just a boring, empty wall. Place a lamp on top and hang a nostalgic photo to finish the look.

Having trouble finding a starting place to decorate a room? Choose a prominant color from a favorite object, like a painting or picture, for your color scheme. Be sure to accessorize with contrasting colors so the result isn’t flat and monotone.

Your driftwood can be much more than just an old, shriveled stick on a table. Make an exciting arrangement with artistically placed flowers and a candle in the middle for a fabulous organically-shaped centerpiece.

Is your collection of bric-a-brac ecclectic? Follow the principle of grouping. By placing your varied items on a beautiful piece of fabric, you create a common foundation that visually unifies them together, making for a lovely display.

Use the psychology of color to your advantage. Ever wonder why so many hospital rooms are painted in shades of blues and pastels? Color effects our mood. Try painting your interior Northern wall a warm color.

The principle from the above tip holds true for rooms with a Southern exposure, too. The result won’t actually lower your thermostat, but a cool color on your walls will at least help you have cooler thoughts during the dog days of summer.

Taking a break from your painting project for just an hour, or even a few weeks? Don’t wash your brush -- wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to resume, simply pick up right where you left off.

Retro magazine ads make beautiful wall art and can be found at most antique stores for only a few bucks each. Collect a series with a common theme. Nicely framed, they add a touch of elegance that will complement most any decor style.